Boca Raton, Fla. (May 22, 2017)
– IWS Acquisition Corporation (“IWS”), a provider of credit union vehicle protection products, is pleased to announce the success of its 21st annual Top Achievers Conference hosted in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. IWS’ Top Achievers Conference is an annual event to award the Top Achievers of its credit union partners that meet predetermined production levels. This is a reward, recognition and learning experience coordinated by IWS with the express intent to join top-producing employees from across the nation to attend a specialized sales training conference and share personal experiences with other credit union colleagues. The event is held in an exciting and entertaining location and IWS pays for all qualified attendees.

At this year’s Top Achievers Conference our Manager Advisory Panel (MAP), which encompasses all levels of management from our credit union partners, was modified from previous years. “In the past we (IWS) usually provided the forum and discussion points. This year we polled our credit union partners prior to the event so we could focus the roundtable discussion around topics that were relevant to them,” said Eric Wikander, President of IWS. “We also added a new component by inviting the MAP group to join the loan officers and member service representatives’ workshop.”

Our loan officer and member service representative workshop was developed by David Lubick, National Training Manager who joined IWS in December 2015. David facilitated this year’s TAC workshop – No Mystery to a Vehicle Service Agreement by incorporating his unique learning techniques and style. “I believe participants find value when they are engaged, collaborate, role-play and perform as a team. It’s important that we mix in a dash of competitive fun, too. We develop learning activities that place TAC participants a little out of their comfort zone sometimes. Making their experience memorable and transferable is key,” said Lubick.

Each year IWS continues to bring more and more of its credit union partners together to celebrate their success. This year was no different. At the awards banquet, IWS honored all of its top achiever attendees with trophies to show its appreciation of a very successful year. With the exceptional growth of new credit union partners, IWS is looking forward to honoring even more top achievers next year.

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About IWS Acquisition Corporation
Based in Boca Raton, FL and Itasca, IL, IWS Acquisition Corporation is a well-known provider of vehicle protection products: Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA), Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and Appearance Protection (RestoraGuard) to credit unions nationwide. IWS delivers non-interest income for the credit union, protection for the member and a great member experience.   The company’s proven success in meeting this need is based on its ability to train credit unions to match members with the right product to fit their need. For more information, visit or contact Michael Leon, VP of Sales at or call 630-626-0722