As a credit union-focused organization, IWS supports your credit union’s mission statement with our own, People first, products that work. We protect the member’s long-term financial stability by providing affordable, high-quality vehicle protection plans and provide experience and service standards that ensure your members and staff are dealing with a best-in-class organization.


Our partnership will enable your credit union to meet its long-term lending, income and sales development goals. IWS program benefits include:

  • Multiple VSA product line income – from automobiles to Powersport vehicles
  • Committed focus on loan products and performance
  • Credit union-specific VSA experience and results
  • Establishment of processes and procedures designed to facilitate sales and decrease inefficiencies
  • Assistance with any necessary cultural change, empowerment or improvement development processes
  • Continuous and proactive vs. sporadic and reactive training
  • IWSQuote™, a user-friendly sales technology with integration capabilities to Symitar, MeridianLink and others
  • Performance bonuses for success – regardless of claims activity, cancellations and portfolio experience

Vision & Goals


To maintain our leadership position in providing high-quality vehicle protection products and service after the sale that works for all credit union members


To contribute to the security of credit union members by efficiently offering quality products and services to complement those offered by our credit union clients. To exceed industry standards in quality of service and member satisfaction and to enhance our portfolio with products that fit the needs of credit unions and their members.