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For Members & Consumers

Providing vehicle protection solutions and peace of mind for credit union members including world class service after the sale.

Member Benefits

  • Up to 50% less than dealer warranties
  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Rental Car, Towing & Trip Interruption
  • Increased vehicle resale value
  • Nationwide Protection
  • 60 Day Free Look

For Credit Unions

As a credit union focused organization, we support our credit union partner’s mission statement with our own, People first, products that work.

Credit Union Benefits

  • Fee Income, 20% conversion rate guarantee on referrals
  • Repo benefit/protects collateral
  • Increased member satisfaction & loyalty
  • Protects member’s 2nd largest investment
  • Exclusive to the credit union market

See what our customers are saying about IWS….

Regina A – May 2024

I would always choose this company for an extended warranty on my car. The service is the best; it is fast, they are friendly, and it’s computer-friendly. My dealership car service spoke with them, and they handle the rest! They are the best!!!

Matthew P – May 2024

I had a really great experience with IWS and their team. I had previously set up an account for a vehicle I was trying to purchase but that deal fell through. Once I found the vehicle I did end up purchasing they made it super easy to transfer the warranty account to that vehicle.

Tom F- May 2024

IWS had a reasonable rate for an extended warranty. I’ve used my extended warranty services through IWS multiple times now. I’ve had a warranty contract with them on several vehicles now. They have never given me a problem making a claim. They were always very pleasant to talk to and deal with. Hopefully the next time I need an extended warranty they will be available. I recently added a third vehicle to my ownership and added IWS as an extended warranty option. Very good rate and coverage.

Tareka T – May 2024

10 out of 10 answered every question I ask and feed me even more info that I need to know about the coverage they never made me feel skeptical about getting it. They made me feel comfortable. It really showed me what I was looking for outside of the warranty that already comes the car. Just kidding that electrical coverage is amazing

Reggie S – May 2024

Thanks for everything, I really appreciate the professionalism, knowledge and attitude, everything was on point, thank you.

Nick A – May 2024

I was notified by my Chevrolet dealer during a routine oil service that my water pump was leaking on our 2018 Silverado. The dealership contacted the IWS warranty dept and approved the replacement. Quick and easy so thankful for my IWS warranty.

Travis S – May 2024

The issue was repaired at the dealership without me having any interaction with IWS. The dealership service manager handled everything and said IWS is hassle free. Paid my deductible and left. Couldn’t have been easier.

Krizzle A – April 2024

Just arrived in the US on April 17th and decided to get a vehicle for myself. The representative of IWS was very good in explaining the coverage of the program. I’m very satisfied with the service. Thank you so much! 🙂

Vanessa S – April 2024

I came to IWS through my credit union, and was able to work with John Villacorta. He was attentive and remarkable to work with. He reached out to me multiple times, even after hours to make sure my issues had been resolved. He is an exemplary representative and I will gladly do business with IWS again, especially knowing John and his team will be at my side making sure I receive prompt attention and resolution.

Aleytys N – April 2024

I started my policy 2 years ago, and I’ve had several issues with my car that needed fixed and were covered under the warranty. Every time I had an issue, the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They seemed to have my best interest in hand. I highly recommend IWS.

Peter W – April 2024

IWS offered an extended warranty program through my credit union. It was half the price of what the dealership wanted to charge. The representative was very helpful and the price was reasonable and I did not feel pressured to buy.

Roy L – April 2024

Purchased this warranty through my credit union, it was $3k less than what the dealer offered. Customer service is easy to get ahold of and friendly and has paid out a few claims on what was not covered with the factory warranty. I was a little disappointed to hear they would not cover an electronic door handle with lock even though there warranty states electrical components covered. In the fine print it says door handles not covered. My door handle works fine it’s the electronic door lock that has issues. I was pleased they covered a rental while my truck was in the shop getting factory warranty issued resolved. Would probably purchase again when buying a new vehicle!

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About Us

For over 30 years IWS Acquisition Corp. (IWS) has been committed to protecting credit union members with vehicle protection products: Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA), Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Appearance Protection (RestoraGuard) and Auto Deductible Reimbursement (Auto Support+). IWS delivers non-interest income for the credit union, protection for the member and a great member experience. This commitment has driven us to become an innovative, progressive and respected company.

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IWS VSA Mobile App

The IWS VSA app is designed to offer members a simple set of tools to find repair facilities, contact IWS member services or claims, and keep track of their contract details and claims status. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.