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Starter or Alternator


Automatic Transmission


Anti-Lock Brake Module

For Members & Consumers

Providing vehicle protection solutions and peace of mind for credit union members including world class service after the sale.

Member Benefits

  • Up to 50% less than dealer warranties
  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Rental Car, Towing & Trip Interruption
  • Increased vehicle resale value
  • Nationwide Protection
  • 60 Day Free Look

For Credit Unions

As a credit union focused organization, we support our credit union partner’s mission statement with our own, People first, products that work.

Credit Union Benefits

  • Fee Income, 20% conversion rate guarantee on referrals
  • Repo benefit/protects collateral
  • Increased member satisfaction & loyalty
  • Protects member’s 2nd largest investment
  • Exclusive to the credit union market

See what our customers are saying about IWS….

Robert G – April 2023

As a business (vender) this company was the easiest insurance company to work with. I would highly recommend this extended insurance company to anyone.

Mario R – April 2023

Glad to have purchased this extended auto warranty! They have helped authorized some repairs to my vehicle. Thank you.

Ross M – April 2023

Took my truck in for some AC issues, dealer already had the number for IWS, was all approved and fixed the same day.

Nicholas K – April 2023

Great and amazing team, explained in detail about their warranty program. Highly recommend

Paul L – April 2023

I recently needed to take my 2017 Ford Expedition Platinum into the dealership for repairs on the transmission and other “faults” that kept appearing. The dealership reached out to IWS for authorization for the repairs and promptly received that authorization from IWS. I also needed to replace the key fob and IWS was great with that too. Later, I was informed that I had a differential leak and the dealership went ahead and requested authorization to repair that as well while it was there at the dealership for the other repairs. Again……IWS quickly authorized that as well. I knew I’d need the warranty on this vehicle simply due to all the electronics the vehicle has. I’m very thankful that I bought this extended warranty. Actually, I need to look into whether I can extend it further.

Mary Rose D – April 2023

The services and the program this company is offering are all amazing. I would 100% recommend to all my friends.

Mitchell – April 2023

My 4th car warranty with them since 2001. Best prices around and I have never had to argue/fight to get something fixed. Great service and customer service.

Charles S – April 2023

I typically purchase gently used cars, hence save money by not paying the exorbitant price of a new car. If you take the same approach, I highly encourage you to consider purchasing an extended warranty maintenance protection plan. No matter what car brand you are considering, get an extended warranty! The IWS Vehicle Service Program is by far best of breed. You choose any mechanic (dealer or your favorite repair shop), provide your IWS Agreement # and the rest is managed between the shop and IWS. Other than your co-payment (depends on the program you select), the (genuine auto) parts and services are covered – just like owning a new car – only better – since IWS offers Agreements post-manufacturer warranty. Repair bills covered, and hassle-free – How nice is that?!

John D – April 2023

Very happy with this warranty. I recently took my 2019 Camero in for a clunk coming from the front when turning the wheel. The service writer advised me it was a bad ball joint and it was going to be $526. Not only did they pay for the ball joint they paid for the aliment. All I paid out of pocket was my $100 deductible. Couldn’t be happier.

Jaime – April 2023

Good experience with customer service and smooth process with getting some warranty work done to the truck.

Scarlet N – March 2023

IWS is the best warranty I’ve ever had. Great customer service & no issues at all. It’s worth every penny!

Jessica S – March 2023

They make the process of getting your car fixed an amazing and easy process. Would highly recommend for extended warranty.

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About Us

For over 30 years IWS Acquisition Corp. (IWS) has been committed to protecting credit union members with vehicle protection products: Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA), Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Appearance Protection (RestoraGuard) and Auto Deductible Reimbursement (Auto Support+). IWS delivers non-interest income for the credit union, protection for the member and a great member experience. This commitment has driven us to become an innovative, progressive and respected company.

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IWS VSA Mobile App

The IWS VSA app is designed to offer members a simple set of tools to find repair facilities, contact IWS member services or claims, and keep track of their contract details and claims status. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.