Boca Raton, Fla. (April 30, 2015) – IWS Acquisition Corporation (IWS) has completed its 19th annual Top Achievers Conference (TAC), an exclusive three-day educational summit for the firm’s most productive credit union partners. The annual event offers peer-to-peer networking and interactive workshops for employees of credit unions that show a high level of partnership engagement.

“TAC 2015 in Montego Bay, Jamaica was a huge success. Once again IWS was pleased to host and engage our Executive Advisory Panel (EAP) – 12 of the nation’s leading credit union CEOs, EVPs and Chief Lending Officers,” said James H. Hawk, President/CEO of IWS. “In addition, our guest ranks increased 25% to include over 50 of the nation’s truly top achieving Loan Officers/Managers and MSRs, 15 of whom were TAC first-timers!”

With macro-economic data presentations and innovation-workshops lead by Filene Research Institute’s Andrew Downin, Director of Innovation, the TAC 2015 attendees gained deep insights into the latest auto lending non-interest income strategies and tactics.

“[TAC 2015] was a great opportunity to network with many of [IWS’] clients who have successful programs,” said Patty Kimmel, CEO, Belvoir Federal Credit Union in Woodbridge, Va. A fan of Filene, Patty also praised some of the “great information” and innovation insights she gathered.

EAP member Susan Longley, VP Consumer Lending at American Airlines Credit Union, shared “…it’s much more than talking about [products], the EAP is a community that shares and the IWS agenda is a real learning experience that covers a lot of other subjects relevant to the business and growth of credit unions. A number of us had “aha!” moments that we’re eager to take back and implement on behalf of our members.”

First time attendee, Stuart Himmelstein, American Airlines Credit Union Consumer Products Manager, said: “As a former Loan Officer myself, it’s been a phenomenal experience to network with other Top Achievers and to hear their secrets of success, and to think about how we might use some of those techniques at our credit union to enhance our relationships and better serve our members.”

This year’s conference themes of Innovation and Accountability challenged existing notions of success and developed member-centric tools and operational methodologies to best serve members’ financial well-being needs. “The [innovation workshop and product training] have boosted my confidence and augmented my respect for IWS” shared Deborah Hazel, MSR at CFE Credit Union in Orange City, Fl. “The whole experience was great. You are truly one of our most valued partners in business.”

“The range of business challenges our clients are facing is wide,” IWS CEO Jim Hawk said. “I am pleased to know that this year’s Innovation and Accountability-themed TAC was not only well received, it yielded member-oriented tools that were put in place the following business day! TAC 2015 will be hard to outdo, but we’re already planning our 20th annual conference with more member-service in mind.”

IWS hosts the annual summit to recognize top producers’ success, as well as to show appreciation for their support. In past years, the complimentary event has been held in such cities as Las Vegas; San Juan; St. Kitts; Cancun; Miami; Montreal and San Francisco.

About IWS Acquisition Corporation

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