Boca Raton, Fla. (May 22, 2014) – IWS Acquisition Corporation (IWS) has completed its 18th annual Top Achievers Conference, an exclusive three-day educational summit for the firm’s most productive credit union partners. The annual event offers peer-to-peer networking and interactive workshops for employees of credit unions that show a high level of partnership engagement.

“Planning and hosting this industry-leading event for our partners is truly one of the highlights of our year,” said James H. Hawk, President/CEO of IWS. “This year’s program was made incredibly valuable by the active participation of 10 leading credit union CEOs, EVPs and Chief Lending Officers.”

In addition to gaining from educational sessions, Hawk says attendees generated lively discussion as they shared common challenges, best practices and new ideas. “This event was unlike anything I’ve experienced in years,” he said. “The energy and enthusiasm for growth was a common thread . Many times I heard partners express a deep commitment to IWS’ program as a leading way to meet members’ needs, and protect collateral.”

“This was an exciting opportunity for me to gain a new level of exposure to IWS side by side with other top credit union executives,” said Tisha Wallace, COO, Belvoir Federal Credit Union in Woodbridge, Va. “We are always looking forward to ways to improve our partnerships so we can provide a better experience for our members.”

Jeremy Garza, President/CEO Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union in Corpus Christi, Texas, also discussed insights he gained from the conference.

“Having been a VP of Lending, I appreciated the best-practices, financing and program ideas shared around the table,” he said. “There were a number of product and process ‘Aha!’ insights that we’re already exploring as ways to deepen our relationships with our members.”

Led by a professional moderator, the workshops provided specialized sales training, as well as opportunities for attendees to learn from each other.

“These leaders were motivated as they challenged each other to achieve greater performance and member service,” Hawk said. “I knew the session was a success when our guests said they wanted to continue the dialogue post-event. We’re already planning our 19th annual conference with this as a focus.”

For more than 20 years, IWS has partnered with credit unions nationwide to deepen their member relationships with products such as Vehicle Service Agreement (VSA), Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP).

IWS hosts the annual summit to recognize top producers’ success, as well as to show appreciation for their support. In past years, the complimentary event has been held in such cities as San Juan, St. Kitts; Cancun; Miami; Montreal and San Francisco.

About IWS Acquisition Corporation

Based in Boca Raton, FL, IWS Acquisition Corporation is a well-known provider of Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA), Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), and GAP to credit unions nationwide. IWS provides vehicle protection solutions and peace of mind for credit union members that go beyond the actual products to include service after the sale. The company’s proven success in meeting this need is based on its ability to train credit unions to match members with the right product to fit their need. For more information, visit