Rick Hess

Rick Hess is the Vice President of Insurance of IWS. Rick has worked in the vehicle service agreement industry since 1988. In his current role, he helps oversee the underwriting, claim operations, and risk management of the company. He first became associated with IWS in 1993 while working for Brokerage Professionals, Inc., a company that provided IWS with its computer technology and insurance underwriter for its vehicle service agreement program at the time.

Before joining IWS in 1999, Rick also worked in IT helping lead the development of strategic underwriting and claims administration systems for Vehicle Service Agreement administrators. As Senior Vice President of Brokerage Professionals, Inc., he managed the day-to-day affairs relating to compliance, auditing and rate development for various insurers that underwrote Vehicle Service Agreement programs.

Rick has a B.S. in economics from Northern Illinois University.

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