IWS balances out the burden of high cost vehicle repair.

IWS is a leading provider of vehicle protection products, among them Vehicle Service Agreements (VSAs) and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP). We work exclusively with credit unions, so we understand their unique structure and their devotion to their members. That’s why, at IWS, we provide best-in-class service, sales support and training.

Our vehicle protection program offers your members peace of mind and at the same time is a substantial revenue-enhancing opportunity for your credit union.

IWS welcomes the opportunity to help you protect more of your members with a vehicle protection program that is second to none just as we did for our credit union partner:

“The PIC offered through IWS has reduced the anxiety of our Financial Service Representatives providing them access to experts that are able to answer all questions of the member concerning covered items.  Staff used to avoid having conversations about service plans. Because we are educating more members through this process we are protecting more automobiles and thus reducing the stress of the borrower.  The credit union and membership benefits from this improved performance in a variety of ways including, a more than 500 percent increase in income, higher member satisfaction, and cost savings for the membership.

– Jason Ritter, Senior Vice President of Member Experience, Henrico Federal Credit Union

More consumers now hold onto their vehicles longer and opt for longer loan terms. That increases the chance they’ll face a large auto-repair bill before paying off their loan. Nearly one in three U.S. motorists cannot pay for the average $500–$600 repair bill without going into debt.*

Work less, earn more. When members are referred to our Product Information Center, IWS converts an average of 32% of those leads to vehicle service agreements (VSAs). In contrast, we’ve found that credit unions on average sell a VSA to 6-8% of members. Utilizing our Product Information Center even comes with an income guarantee. 

For repossessed autos with loans that are tied to one of our VSAs, IWS will refund 100% of the policy premium to your credit union. Alternatively, your credit union can use the policy to repair the repossessed car to sell it.

As the direct administrator and obligor on our plans we offer. We handle everything, from supplying a quote to paying a claim, including program design, pricing, underwriting, and billing and claims administration. When members encounter vehicle problems, we serve them with speed, respect and transparency — which reflects well on your credit union.

* 2017 AAA Repair Affordability Survey

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More About IWS

IWS Group began offering Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA) and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (VSA) to credit unions in 1991. As administrator and obligor, IWS has complete control over the claims and underwriting policies and procedures. This allows IWS to ensure claims are adjudicated in a manner consistent with our mission statement, People first, products that work. IWS prides itself on superior service to credit unions before and after the sale.

We believe no other vendor in the industry is structured to accomplish this result. IWS has served credit unions for more than 25 years with tested Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA), Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Appearance Protection (RestoraGuard) and Auto Deductible Reimbursement (Auto Support+) programs designed for credit unions and their members. These are our only products, and we are dedicated to bringing our clients and their members the most comprehensive and innovative products in the industry. We are committed to a service philosophy and member value according to the IWS mission statement: “People first, products that work.”