Top Achiever’s Conference

IWS is pleased to announce the location of our 20th annual Top Achievers Conference (TAC) – Occidental Grand Resort Xcaret in Riviera Maya, Mexico!

IWS’s annual Top Achievers Conference celebrates credit union partners who meet set production levels. The conference rewards and recognizes these partners and serves as a learning experience with other top achievers from across the nation.

Attendees participate in specialized sales-training sessions and networking events that allow them to share personal experiences with colleagues from their own industry. In past years, educational sessions have focused on leading a sales team and improving a credit union’s sales culture.

Each event is held in an exciting, entertaining location to ensure participants’ leisure time is well spent. IWS pays for all qualified attendees’ airfare and lodging. In addition to the access fee and loan staff incentive, this conference offers just one more way to motivate our partners.

Revisit A Past IWS Top Achiever’s Conference

TAC 2015 – Montego Bay, Jamaica
TAC 2014 – Las Vegas, USA
TAC 2013 – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
TAC 2012 – San Juan, Puerto Rico
TAC 2011 – Cancun, Mexico
TAC 2010 – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
TAC 2009 – Miami, Florida, USA
TAC 2008 – St. Kitts, St. Kitts and Nevis
TAC 2007 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
TAC 2006 – San Francisco, California, USA
TAC 2005 – Montreal, Canada
TAC 2004 – Cancun, Mexico
TAC 2003 – San Antonio, Texas, USA