2014 Eligibility Changes

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve service to customers, IWS has announced changes to our rates and upgrades to our Platinum and Gold eligibility.

First, we will be adjusting the rate classes – and premiums – of some BMW (specifically 7-Series), Smart and Mini models due to loss frequency and severity. These changes bring our pricing for these models inline with the marketplace.

Second, we are pleased to introduce enhanced eligibility on our Platinum product: current plus seven (7) model years AND up to 100,000 odometer miles (up from current plus six (6) model years AND up to 75,000 miles). Our Gold product coverage follows suit to current plus seven (7) model years from current plus six (6). We are very excited to provide you with this industry-leading coverage advantage.

Both changes will be released to IWSQuote on May 1. For quotes-in-progress with an issue date prior to May 1, the old rates/eligibility apply. For issue dates after May 1, the new rate/eligibility parameters will be reflected in your calculations and coverage.

If you have any questions or comments about these changes, please contact your IWS Account Executive for further assistance.