20% Sales with a 100% Guarantee

IWS will guarantee the access fee income paid to credit union in year one of this agreement. The guarantee will be a twenty (20) percent conversion rate on the number of referrals to the IWS Product Information Center. The expectation for referrals is seventy (70) percent of the eligible direct loans to ensure optimal results. Eligible loans are defined as those meeting IWS underwriting coverage criteria – not to exceed 12 model years back or 150,000 miles.

Example: If there were 100 eligible direct loans, the expected number of referrals to the IWS Product Information Center would be at least 70 (“Opportunities”). The guaranteed access fee would be twenty (20) percent multiplied by the actual Opportunities multiplied by the access fee amount defined in 2(a). If the actual production is more than the guaranteed amount, the higher amount will be paid.”

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About IWS

IWS Group began offering Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA) and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (VSA) to credit unions in 1991. As administrator and obligor, IWS has complete control over the claims and underwriting policies and procedures. This allows IWS to ensure claims are adjudicated in a manner consistent with our mission statement, People first, products that work. IWS prides itself on superior service to credit unions before and after the sale.

We believe no other vendor in the industry is structured to accomplish this result. IWS has served credit unions for more than 25 years with tested Vehicle Service Agreements (VSA), Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Appearance Protection (RestoraGuard) and Auto Deductible Reimbursement (Auto Support+) programs designed for credit unions and their members. These are our only products, and we are dedicated to bringing our clients and their members the most comprehensive and innovative products in the industry. We are committed to a service philosophy and member value according to the IWS mission statement: “People first, products that work.”